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Traditional Indian Hatha Yoga in Brisbane


I teach authentical traditional indian Raja- and Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Vidya and Ayurveda on Macleay Island, Redland Bay, Cleveland and Brisbane. You will learn Asanas, Pranayama, Relaxation, Energy Work, Kundalini Yoga for beginners and advanced students. Also you will learn Advaita and Vedanta Philosophy.

As Yoga Acharya of the Vedanta Forest Academy, one of the largest authentic teaching associations, I spent a long time in south india studying Raja-, Hatha- and Ashtanga - Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedanta Philosophy and Meditation.

I specialise in personal training (small groups of 2-5 people) in brisbane and surroundings as this is the ideal way to get on track very fast.

Students can learn advanced pranayamas to raise kundalini as well as kundalini kriyas to clean nadis and learn to control pranic flow. Also every asana is combined with a special form of pranic flow to clean all nadis systematically. These techniques have always been a secret and even most yoga teachers simply dont know them. But without the knowledge of kundalini kriyas - asanas are nothing more than an eastern form of aerobic. Also a fundamental knowledge of raja yoga, meditation, vedanta and the use of mantras is necessary to understand different levels of consciousness. "yoga citta vritti nirodha" - Yoga is the Science of controlling the mindwaves in subconsciousness. "Hatha" means "sun and moon", the term "hatha yoga" - to reunite sun and moon. "Ashtanga" means the "8 fold way" of spiritual practise.

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